Das Stavromenos-Gästebuch

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Eintrag Nr. 2  
von  :   ally mountain
aus  :   stroud uk
am/um  :   Mi, 25. April 2012 / 19:06:15 Uhr (GMT)
I stayed on the beach at Stavromenos in 1987,1988 and 1989. I often went to
Kosta's Poliodakis' Disco 11 for a late drink. I wonder if it is still there? Thank you for
the photos - it's still beautiful and brought back many happy memories of my lovely
Cretan friends. I wonder what they are up to these days.
Eintrag Nr. 1  
von  :   Dharmendra Singh
aus  :   Punjab India
am/um  :   Do, 3. Februar 2011 / 09:11:50 Uhr (GMT)
As I go through the photos and informations provided on the site of Stavromeno, I
liked it so much and smelled it like my own village because my younger brother and his
wife are living there.

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